Woman Addicted To Eating Sand.. 

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10. 03. 2021





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TFXkyle Před minutou
KAylmerTT [GD]
KAylmerTT [GD] Před hodinou
Wilbur Soot: Ur battle will be legend
Iren Arushanian
Iren Arushanian Před 6 hodinami
This shit just grosses me out
Everybody 48
Everybody 48 Před 13 hodinami
Lmate_ Před 17 hodinami
For me it is when pewds said i enjoy that paint kills my brain cells
AnonAmos Před 23 hodinami
Potato_ Amira
Potato_ Amira Před dnem
The bee women is killing all the BFFFTT ( the minecraft bee of hardcore plz dont let this comment be a dumb thing
kokiy mary
kokiy mary Před dnem
Innocent bees are killed by zombie 🧟.
kokiy mary
kokiy mary Před dnem
😡😡😡😡. Eating sand` Paint Face mask 🤮🤮🤮🤮
nun for brains
nun for brains Před dnem
"If you're 19 which I know you are, at least you're not eating sand" I feel so called out 😭
Samuel Aaron Felipe
sand is silica, the raw material for glass
Ted24689 classified.
When pewdiepie calls me out for also being 19 and not eating sand🥴
Lukas Reimer
Lukas Reimer Před dnem
Cyrus Villa
Cyrus Villa Před dnem
Me: Carries a knife everywear Her: Ziploc bag of sand
I also ate sand when i was 2 year old
fumi Před dnem
how df are they still alive
Random Kid
Random Kid Před dnem
12:48 she has pissed off the CScamera god
Ace Tiger
Ace Tiger Před dnem
Pregnant women acctualy crave dirt and sand because they crave menrala
japanese toilet
japanese toilet Před dnem
sorry pyro but he has more subs
Finn Edwards
Finn Edwards Před dnem
My two year old cousin has the same problem
Hezekiah Rodriguez
I'm glad Heather stopped. It better be permanent.
Hezekiah Rodriguez
I love how Pewds compared it to alchohol. 😂
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Paint? Out of all the things... PAINT!? The other addictions seem normal now.
Hezekiah Rodriguez
10:58 - I immediately thought of Tusken Raiders. 😂😂
Hezekiah Rodriguez
9:19 - I know, right? 😂😂
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Anakin is disgusted right now.
Flashy Dye
Flashy Dye Před dnem
Pewdiepie fight coco melon you can’t get over taken
Matt Rizlan Balbastro
Nečum Vole
Nečum Vole Před 2 dny
yk what now i dont feel bad w my fictional character adiction😃
Vivian Cardenas
Vivian Cardenas Před 2 dny
Iron deficientcies make you crave dirt and sand.
Savino Před 2 dny
Hey that’s cool he put dbd in I love that game
Adrienne Smith
Adrienne Smith Před 2 dny
Before I opened the video, I had known there is gonna be an Anakin-Starwars joke lmao
Tayten Cunningham
Tayten Cunningham Před 2 dny
When im having a mental breakdown i like to watch felix have a mental breakdown over other peoples mental breakdowns🤷‍♀️
Jaxon Klaviter
Jaxon Klaviter Před 2 dny
I've eaten sand before... unintentionally, and it tasted horrible.
GreasyPlays Před 2 dny
The clay mask eating is like all 9 yr olds with Gfuel
Ashley Whalen
Ashley Whalen Před 2 dny
These are my favorite videos!!
503Music Před 2 dny
0:07 goodbye beard
Shelby; and that's all really
Margaret is the reason for the declining bee populations 😐
_BlondeFreak_ Před 2 dny
I used to eat playdough 24/7 when I was like 4. It was nice. But spicy tho 😫✊
Kitty Pryde
Kitty Pryde Před 2 dny
Okay, if you're eating sand, at least have the decency to cook the toddler and animal piss and shit out of it. And that is better than friggen KILLING BEES. Like, do you not know that we need those?!?! That we're running out of them??? Freakin...use wasps instead, at least!
GrayWoIf Před 2 dny
There's certain salts that have like a sand texture she could be eating I stead
Rafangel 2007
Rafangel 2007 Před 2 dny
If it's no longer for medical reasons JUST USE Wasps they don't die after they sting and contribute almost nothing to the earth.
Jessica Rabbid
Jessica Rabbid Před 2 dny
Hello, I will buy her for sale of 1 rub of my magic lamp? I'm looking for someone that enjoys eating sand, likes hot weather, who always has the hump and is called Camilla... 🐫
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Před 2 dny
She literally gonna get reason bees get exisicted
death the kid’s wife
that natasha lady is eating that clay mask likes its yogurt or something
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Před 2 dny
She will love a desert
Jessica Rabbid
Jessica Rabbid Před 2 dny
There are some animals that intentionally eat sand/rocks to help them break down tough, rough and hard foods they consume that are hard to easily digest. Like chickens who eat gravel so it helps break down hard and tough seeds, grains, and plant materials which aren't so easy to digest! 🐔
Jessica Rabbid
Jessica Rabbid Před 2 dny
I like licking pebbles/stones/rocks that I find in the sea. Me and my dog will lick them, they taste nice and salty! It was my dogs idea at first, but once I tried it, I haven't turned back since!! My dog also likes balls tho, but I draw my line (in the sand) to putting balls in or near my mouth!
Jessica Rabbid
Jessica Rabbid Před 2 dny
You sounded like beetle juice when you started the video
Lick Your Hands
Lick Your Hands Před 2 dny
She drinks paint ?
Lick Your Hands
Lick Your Hands Před 2 dny
What ?
Lick Your Hands
Lick Your Hands Před 2 dny
Rohit R
Rohit R Před 2 dny
Pewds : who looks at a rock and tells they want to taste it. 2 year old cocomelon viewers : you sure about that.
derpPression Před 3 dny
*Even Gaara is afraid of her*
Ansh Bajaj
Ansh Bajaj Před 3 dny
See man is nothing its addiction world
Khalida balqis
Khalida balqis Před 3 dny
almost puke at clay mask
Lemon Guy
Lemon Guy Před 3 dny
She probably needs to have a shower 100 times a day
Lemon Guy
Lemon Guy Před 3 dny
She probably killed 1000000000000000000000000000002020202928282726626262526262627277227726 bees
SavageHippie Před 3 dny
I've always been of the opinion that we should just take the warning stickers off of everything and see what happens. I mean they call it "natural" selection for a reason right...
kylan husband
kylan husband Před 3 dny
Five million like and you'll dip chips in sand
skfoxjrxzz Před 3 dny
Bees are seriously important for the eco system, and they’re endangered.
TRX_ 1cy
TRX_ 1cy Před 3 dny
Stop Being An A-hole
I’m 19 and not eating sand. 👍🏻
Lethabo Mndaweni
Lethabo Mndaweni Před 3 dny
Pewds: *Talks about sponsor* Me: *skip ad*
hex Před 3 dny
If we put together those people we could build ourselves a pretty neat mining and recycling facility. You know, human centipede style. But not the bee lady. R.I.P little innocent _Apis melliferas_
Jbunnns Před 3 dny
Ash the Wolf
Ash the Wolf Před 3 dny
took roblox game "eat sand" too serious
fancy ness
fancy ness Před 3 dny
yummy.. wet rocks :D
R W261
R W261 Před 3 dny
She's killing the bees I'm gonna cry
Philip Alcala
Philip Alcala Před 3 dny
If anakin could see this ...
GeekToys Před 4 dny
Tffffffffffffff sting her self she’s a badass
GeekToys Před 4 dny
There’s Poop and pee inside sand so when a guy kiss her he actually Kiss poop
ozoljaunskungs Před 4 dny
Darude - Sandstorm
Fragren Před 4 dny
That’s so
Fragren Před 4 dny
@Pixel Dino hello
Pixel Dino
Pixel Dino Před 4 dny
Hi newest comment!
IslaQuinnッ Před 4 dny
Didn't wilbur bother phil about eating Sand? *he did :)*
Donia Před 4 dny
Isn't eating clay normal??? It's a natural medication my aunt gave it to me everytime I had a tummy ache and even though it tastes horrible it's good for the body😂
CheyGachas Před 4 dny
I mean at least Natasha used scoopy chips instead of flat chips
Kennedy Před 4 dny
Why did I think the title said Woman addicted to salad!! just me okay.... maybe I need glasses lol
Makenzy Vo
Makenzy Vo Před 4 dny
Now we know the real reason why bees are dying a lot; it's caused by the woman who's addicted of stinging herself..
Jan Navařík
Jan Navařík Před 4 dny
The ve torturer is probably addicted to the poison i guess
Nikita Melnikov
Nikita Melnikov Před 4 dny
i am addicted to gfuel and drink it insted of sodas am i dumb to do that?
Yt Beybei
Yt Beybei Před 4 dny
Sand is uhhh glass 😃
The girl who eats sand must have poop that feels like sandpaper.
tech gamer
tech gamer Před 4 dny
How to destroy the world :kill bees
asdf ghjk
asdf ghjk Před 4 dny
I‘m addicted to sniffing gasoline 😏
Chethan Veena
Chethan Veena Před 5 dny
F for the bees
Andrew LUKE
Andrew LUKE Před 5 dny
ummmmmm you know salt exists right?
grindcaft Před 5 dny
little kids shoes have bin all over that sand
Honey Water
Honey Water Před 5 dny
9:55 forbidden fundip
Mr. Chromed bones.
Mr. Chromed bones. Před 5 dny
So she likes eating rocks. Press F to pay respecc to her teeth.
Spongebob Squarepants
Anakin:I fear no man but that thing She scares me
YessirSKIE_CoDM Před 5 dny
Wilbur soot went to the beach to eat some good Sand
Jacko Frosto
Jacko Frosto Před 5 dny
She would love Puerto Rico's beaches
Christina Chung
Christina Chung Před 5 dny
Felix: If you're 19, which I know you are... Me: being 16 👁-👁
yes queen
yes queen Před 5 dny
So at least ik what being and adult is now ]
Colin White
Colin White Před 5 dny
Bro you ever get sand in your teeth? It's fucking horrific
F.B.I Před 5 dny
If i eat rock i can be on TLC right?
Andy B
Andy B Před 5 dny
"You know, we need to support people with addiction to help them get out of it... but also WTF DUUUUUUUDE!!! 🤣🤣🤣
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