I'm Done With Minecraft Now.. 

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18. 03. 2021





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Krizel Velasquez
Krizel Velasquez Před 3 hodinami
pweds annoyed me in 17:35 cringe
Леонид Форостов
Octavio Moreno
Octavio Moreno Před 10 hodinami
I hate you
Diamond Před 11 hodinami
You can craft end rods with popped chorus fruit and blaze rods (you can also craft purpur blocks with popped chorus fruit)
R-Reel Před 17 hodinami
At 17:30, if you just cut it there 17:35 it’ll be a *hilariously cut scream* 😂
ishan gupta
ishan gupta Před 20 hodinami
19:23 "you know how much money its gonna cost?" *literally holding 64 emeralds in his hand*
I'm A Fan
I'm A Fan Před dnem
All these progress, yet still no doug.
Coll Před dnem
Swedish man flexes on old hardcore man (karma)
I dont know what to change my name to
So... chiquita bonita is dead ... 😪
PURPOSE Před 2 dny
13:55 "Ahh EnChAntMent TaBLe!!!!!" 😂
Nemanja Stojic
Nemanja Stojic Před 2 dny
17:34 R.I.P headphones
Michael Před 3 dny
Warlocks using heat rises be like @7:20
FoneyHunny Před 3 dny
Wait how did the villagers turn into witches LMAO
FoneyHunny Před 3 dny
The Lego Stop Motion Noob
You dont have to build a roof, build a lighting rod out of copper to save your villagers
Sophia Salazar
Sophia Salazar Před 3 dny
Felix truly manifested becoming a Minecraft veteran
Anwar 408
Anwar 408 Před 4 dny
People succed
2:48 AM
2:48 AM Před 4 dny
what up with his energy lol are y'all forcing him to play this game or what? look like he not enjoying it at all
Migi Mob
Migi Mob Před 4 dny
You should do a fiver video!
Fynn McAusland
Fynn McAusland Před 4 dny
you can make end rods
Nakano Před 4 dny
I think we all know what he gonna do with them rods
codenameayanYT Před 4 dny
did he really call the brewing stand an enchantment table?
Quentin Quentin
Quentin Quentin Před 4 dny
What shader do you use?
Mico James
Mico James Před 5 dny
Pewdiepie your not really beat minecraft.
Aurélie Burger
Aurélie Burger Před 5 dny
13:55 Enchantment table
Behold Nonsense
Behold Nonsense Před 5 dny
I got whiplash when he mentioned philza and then said he died in the end by falling off a ledge
_ dior
_ dior Před 5 dny
I smell cap.
A M Před 5 dny
Bro the chance of you stop playing Minecraft doesn’t exist lol
Hasten Howard
Hasten Howard Před 5 dny
Is so op that he enters the nether already on fire
Itsyaboyscott Před 5 dny
Use the slow falling potions in the end to counter the shoulder effect ending
Sir GlazedDonut
Sir GlazedDonut Před 5 dny
I feel like he's gonna be flying but the elytra suddenly breaks and he falls to his death.
Imran Roszaide
Imran Roszaide Před 6 dny
the comment is full of bunch of kids
Meg B
Meg B Před 6 dny
you can craft end rods btw
Thái Fan
Thái Fan Před 6 dny
I don’t see Steve. What happened with him
meet Jimmy
meet Jimmy Před 6 dny
Pewdiepie pro
meet Jimmy
meet Jimmy Před 6 dny
Bro hard core
Campos M
Campos M Před 6 dny
Always makes me go back to Minecraft every time I see him play it
fuck it
fuck it Před 6 dny
Bruh dosent have enough storage and dosent use sholker box lmao
David Anaya
David Anaya Před 6 dny
What happened with his old world?
The Gaming Lord
The Gaming Lord Před 7 dny
Cocomelon will prevail
Waffle Road와플로드
a video of spam cooking on a waffle machine
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Před 7 dny
17:34 my self satisfaction
Milkman Před 7 dny
Looking very handsome today my guy
Robert Bilotta
Robert Bilotta Před 7 dny
Corrado Olivieri
Corrado Olivieri Před 7 dny
umair Khan
umair Khan Před 7 dny
We need some more 💖💖
Gv Rondolos
Gv Rondolos Před 7 dny
you can use water on the end portal to end city just swim on it
Brieen Před 8 dny
your base actually looks insane lol
Maria Isabel Sousa
Maria Isabel Sousa Před 8 dny
emily scolaro
emily scolaro Před 8 dny
"idk it's something about the shape of [endrods]...I like it." - ... sus
Ian Před 8 dny
CaptainSparklez: The Silverfish Incident Pewdiepie: The Witch Invasion
Siebe Luijken
Siebe Luijken Před 8 dny
get the 10 mill subs
Sike Not me
Sike Not me Před 8 dny
I was about to fall asleep when 17:33
deadpool 5567
deadpool 5567 Před 8 dny
you now must do crazy craft or some other modded world
Victoria Padilla
Victoria Padilla Před 8 dny
My favorite part is “calm down, stoic brother” as a stoic sister I am proud 😂🌝
hamzeh Před 8 dny
Lets see how many subs we can get from 1 commen Current:21
gaming world
gaming world Před 8 dny
Achyut Revo
Achyut Revo Před 8 dny
Well that was a fucking lie
Rockmaru ._.
Rockmaru ._. Před 9 dny
Pewdiepie: i don't know what would make me exited because i have everything Me: a dog
Dr. Capri
Dr. Capri Před 9 dny
i swear to god the next time i hear the word gamers come out of pewdiepie's mouth
Roald Obong
Roald Obong Před 9 dny
Hey where is sven
Kev. inc
Kev. inc Před 9 dny
Oculus quest 2
u m
u m Před 9 dny
It was 5 am and i was watching it without the headphones with the lowest audio then felix saw a witch
Layla Negre
Layla Negre Před 9 dny
Been thinking like what if Pewds does Modded minecrift? lol, das cool too.
Bernard Gel Felix
Bernard Gel Felix Před 9 dny
Azure V2
Azure V2 Před 9 dny
17:34 this is why we should put a roof over our village trade center
Azure V2
Azure V2 Před 9 dny
13:26 I thought he was god bridging for a second, I was like "when did pewds get so good at the game?" then I realized it was sped up XD
Mr. Yogurt
Mr. Yogurt Před 9 dny
13:12 You saw that, didn’t you?
Tommy Lemaire
Tommy Lemaire Před 9 dny
The biggest tragedy will be when Pewds dies in hardcore Actual biggest tragedy: The mending guy
Kade Před 9 dny
spam f in the comments if you want pewdiepie to play caves and cliffs update
House of Entertainment
Cocomelon got 108M almost cross Pewdiepie.. Bro Army let's start again Sub Pewdiepie.✌️. Our next big anime more than cocomelon is Set India.. cocomelon is child But Set India is mature. be ready for this big anime.. let's Fu**k Set India. Sub Pewdiepie.
Krystian Před 9 dny
Halo polska zobaczcie ile minut ma film
Nicholas Nocella
Nicholas Nocella Před 9 dny
craft end rods with cooked chorus fruit and blaze rods
Shiva Kanchi
Shiva Kanchi Před 10 dny
17:34 pewds saying the n word
Kaylee Grace
Kaylee Grace Před 10 dny
fight the wither :)
codi dimerling
codi dimerling Před 10 dny
You should play Valheim next!
Nelmutron YT
Nelmutron YT Před 10 dny
R u Remember BFFFTTFBBB ?
Reaper Před 10 dny
What is the background song at 9:40?
Felonist Před 10 dny
16:50 shrek flashbacks
Endblaze 1
Endblaze 1 Před 10 dny
Minecraft is unplayable for me
Brix Bosales
Brix Bosales Před 10 dny
I think He'll be back in caves and cliffs update
cole thomas
cole thomas Před 10 dny
Pewdiepie will you always be my friend?Please answer
Alberto Maggiore Agalbato
What mod/resource pack is he using to get these graphics ?
216PVPAMGDWDBON Před 10 dny
ale ze u pewdiepie 21:37 jest grane wtf
NickMortuus Před 10 dny
I love minecraft
SV Sivonen
SV Sivonen Před 10 dny
This episode was... Strangely sexal with the end rods...
Derrick Thornton
Derrick Thornton Před 10 dny
Make Sven proud
Morphin Před 10 dny
You’re telling me he had 2 diamonds in his end chest without ever putting anything in his end chest??
GraceGrapes Před 10 dny
it’s ironic that Pewds made his base into the fire nation unknowingly because he acted kinda like the Firelord throughout his series
Ryan Rognstad
Ryan Rognstad Před 10 dny
Felix you used to be subscribed to my friends channel NBF in 2013 until his account was hacked...it would mean the world to him if you re-subscribed to his new channel @Hekya
Shw00vy Official
Shw00vy Official Před 10 dny
Can I just say I'm glad to see u haven't changed cus like I havent watched ur vids in like 3 years and Friday's with pewdiepie is still up and u still seem amazing so keep goin mane lol
Mr.roldan Gamer
Mr.roldan Gamer Před 11 dny
Pewds:i am now an officially a minecraft veteran Also pewds:Uses piston as crawler just to crawl Me:Lmao
ten_gosc_z_forta Před 11 dny
why minecraft is not on the monitor on mirror
Dapi Julian
Dapi Julian Před 11 dny
Lagi ngapain 😂😂
Emmanuel Magallon
Emmanuel Magallon Před 11 dny
Go to dream smp
Rama Mahaputera
Rama Mahaputera Před 11 dny
Halo ngab
Queen Sᴘʀɪɴɢ ᴅᴀʏ
WOW he have come so far
Jaden Ip
Jaden Ip Před 11 dny
the god of minecraft hes the F###### god
TJ GamerBR
TJ GamerBR Před 11 dny
Minecraft Is Easy
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