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19. 03. 2021





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Stone Holmes
Stone Holmes Před 2 hodinami
11:02 dude its one punch man story all over again
Karl Downey
Karl Downey Před 2 hodinami
Bodybuilders > Strongmen
Karl Downey
Karl Downey Před 2 hodinami
Gyms are for bodybuilders. Strongmen are annoying because they'll spend an hour on a bench to do a 1 rep max. I fully support Strongmen & Powerlifters being banned. Train at home with your own equipment lol
logical Před 4 hodinami
i just watched a video about a big snake now im scared
Neal Moon
Neal Moon Před 4 hodinami
Bruh im 8 and can carry my bike and a wayt bruh fake
Mons Røtzer
Mons Røtzer Před 5 hodinami
Drop Clan I actually lifted a tire when I was small Unfortunately it was a lego tire
Lalabunny Bunbun
Lalabunny Bunbun Před 7 hodinami
I can feel the baby fever
Neddy Fishing
Neddy Fishing Před 8 hodinami
Personally I’m a fisherman, and if they sold all of those it would be about 20,000 to 50,000 dollars
Thanos Ape64
Thanos Ape64 Před 8 hodinami
Bruh little girl it could be the biggest and coolest bait lor :the girl it’s not pink: Spray Paint’s it :what color you ask O yea pink
Kylie Pizanie
Kylie Pizanie Před 8 hodinami
I collected rocks and bottle caps 😑
Adria Nicolle
Adria Nicolle Před 9 hodinami
The festive thursday simultaneously own because appliance legally occur as a ambitious anethesiologist. abusive, handsomely transmission
CosmicLaugh Před 9 hodinami
Imagine breaking the heart of that mans daughter.
Red Hyper
Red Hyper Před 10 hodinami
If you want to crack ur back just do a 1 arm pushup and fail it like pewdiepie
Rayku22 Před 10 hodinami
omfg i did have a huge collection of energy drink cans hahahaha and i also had the pokemon card collection, maybe im secretly pewdiepie hahaha
Landen Ho
Landen Ho Před 11 hodinami
1:40 240 hours =10 days of training in a week= 10 day in 7 days
Cam Uhlman
Cam Uhlman Před 11 hodinami
Young_Bobby_Official Před 12 hodinami
It’s not “my dad can beat up your dad” with these kids it’s “I can beat up your dad”
Ngozi Onye
Ngozi Onye Před 13 hodinami
It is not a regular day you see someone move a truck
Samuel Garcia
Samuel Garcia Před 14 hodinami
Did they tack there kids to the gym maybe that's why they got kicked from the gym.
Lucas Kelso
Lucas Kelso Před 14 hodinami
16:17 The thing in the top right ruined the moment
dirt dreams
dirt dreams Před 14 hodinami
12thousend and His grandoare has like 13 Trofis its like 1m.00073
Anime Girl-17
Anime Girl-17 Před 15 hodinami
Pewdiepie says introduc this girl to KPop:me YEES DO IT😂
ally beh
ally beh Před 16 hodinami
Felix reaction 5:03
Benjamin Cho
Benjamin Cho Před 16 hodinami
All I collected during my childhood was loneliness and sadness.
Ninja Giffy
Ninja Giffy Před 17 hodinami
Little Girl: I like Pink cus Pink is Cool and Pink is Pink. Also i have a hobby of fishing but i dont Say i like pink every second
beau miller
beau miller Před 17 hodinami
what my addiction is hunting
Dany Giron
Dany Giron Před 17 hodinami
the fact the dad form the strongest family moved a car is carzey because i can barely grab 2 milk galons that my mom would by form a store
Meetböll Před 18 hodinami
1:35 "up to 240 hours each week" something's wrong here, I can feel it
Hq5 Před 18 hodinami
Wow it’s pink who knew?
SlytherInDA Před 21 hodinou
is dylan still a douche?
Ali A
Ali A Před 22 hodinami
That kid has so many lures but no fishing poles lol 😂
Rainbow Kangaroo & Rainbow Shog Leon
Hej då means bye on Swedish
AE29 entertainment
AE29 entertainment Před 22 hodinami
2:24 bros gonna have back problems when he is 14 with that shitty form
a curious boy
a curious boy Před 23 hodinami
who needs to do all this harsh training, just do: 100 pushups 100 sit ups 100 squats 10 km run 24/7 thats all u need
ELEMENT PLAYS Před 23 hodinami
240 hours each week
Thanos Dimos
Thanos Dimos Před dnem
the fact that people are proud of little things but they are also pink......
Justine Llaga
Justine Llaga Před dnem
One punch man be like haahahahaahahahahahahahhaaaahahahahahahahahahahaaahahahahahah
DracoMZMH Před dnem
1:34 10 days in a week, seems legit
Ethan Rusby ER
Ethan Rusby ER Před dnem
Fed walkes up. The feds out cold cold
Deyan Angelov
Deyan Angelov Před dnem
I bet ya when Jessica is 16 years old she will be able to lift a car
josh kai
josh kai Před dnem
1:34 240 hours a week??? Yoy train 10 days a week? You're so strong you broke time?
Cole Hurd
Cole Hurd Před dnem
Not lying in the worlds strongest family one when nick said he was 5,3 130 when he was in high school or something like that today I am 11 years 4,11 110 pounds
Nicholas Lopez
Nicholas Lopez Před dnem
Sophomore year I was 130 I'm 28 now and Im 145, had a huge growth squirt sometime
Hundred Sinner
Hundred Sinner Před dnem
That tiny girl has got biceps
The Hoodie
The Hoodie Před dnem
I still collect energy drinks
Logan Macleod
Logan Macleod Před dnem
The thing is that the kid would be stronger than his dad because he started in high school but were I live his son would be in primary school
[PR] Impreza
[PR] Impreza Před dnem
I think have the world record for the most sleep deprivation. Any High-School student would agree
Kodi Mclaughlin
Kodi Mclaughlin Před dnem
My friend got in for ducking loom bands 😂🤣🤣 loom band longest loom band jebus
Olivia Holland
Olivia Holland Před dnem
"Kpop" shows the cover of one of Corpses songs
Nite Lite
Nite Lite Před dnem
You can’t work out 240 hours a week it’s not possible
%??? Před dnem
ah yes kpop korpse pop my favorite edit- also damn 10 dozen eggs a week?? how much is their fucking grocery bill usdhivahds
rauhan ahmed
rauhan ahmed Před dnem
Instinct lowiboi
Instinct lowiboi Před dnem
My toys are tires like bruhhhhh
The Chad
The Chad Před dnem
Hey! I am a huge fan of yours and was listening to this on the road. I hit a deer and probably totaled my car. Want to help me out Pewdiepie?
Alan Gallagher
Alan Gallagher Před dnem
I collected old and rare coins and am as lazy as a sloth
Tommy Haas
Tommy Haas Před dnem
Can we talk about the fact that they eat 10 dozen a week in a there eating over 360 eggs a month
Derpy Pizza
Derpy Pizza Před dnem
1:33 There aren't even 240 hours in a week...
Karson Johnson
Karson Johnson Před dnem
For short very funny a million times xd
Karson Johnson
Karson Johnson Před dnem
Tylko jedno w głowie mam koksu pięć gram odlecieć sam W krainę za zapomnienia W głowie myśli mam kiedy skończy się ten stan Gdy już nie będę sam Bo wjedzie biały węgorz Tylko jedno w głowie mam koksu pięć gram odlecieć sam W krainę za zapomnienia W głowie myśli mam kiedy skończy się ten stan Gdy już nie będę sam Bo wjedzie biały węgorz Ja pierdole mam zjazd nie chwytam gwiazd jak kłoda leże nie wierze co się dzieje jak kura z głodu pieje jak wilkołak do księżyca W głowie dziury jak ulica przed twoją chatą rozpuszczam się jak baton który leży na blacie zejść jest jak nie wciągacie bracie kurwa ryj mi krzywi w głowie burdel jak w TV Mnie nie dziwi taki stan brak towar,w myślach ćpam rade dam albo nie dam wszystko kurwa z chaty sprzedam w sumie mam już przejebane wszystko jednak jest sprzedane Ja pierdole same długi kinol jak u tabalugi dzień drugi bez walenia gdzie jest wąż ? biała chemia. Jebane zejście tak wykańcza jak by w chuja dziabła cię szarańcza Tylko jedno w głowie mam koksu pięć gram odlecieć sam W krainę za zapomnienia W głowie myśli mam kiedy skończy się ten stan Gdy już nie będę sam Bo wjedzie biały węgorz
Rested Bread
Rested Bread Před dnem
If you work out that young it's going to start your growth, like crazy!
King zombie 566
King zombie 566 Před dnem
What if the brother and sister get into a fight does he just punches her into the wall?
NickTBBS Před dnem
1:59 you can see that it says 5KG and that’s 11 pounds
qwery. fn
qwery. fn Před dnem
It’s fake cuz 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so they can’t do 240 hours a week cuz that’s 10 days
suB or dumB
suB or dumB Před dnem
suB or dumB
suB or dumB Před dnem
I not strong tho ):
Jason Bevins
Jason Bevins Před dnem
One punch man
Sofiia Bulanova
Sofiia Bulanova Před dnem
I thot that you have no emotions
Laura Gerucka
Laura Gerucka Před dnem
4:32 you really called me out huh
Stevie Watt
Stevie Watt Před dnem
Nick is one of the strongest men on earth
Sweaty Boy
Sweaty Boy Před dnem
Swedish be like🇸🇪
Josiah Mendez
Josiah Mendez Před dnem
dude i love how he just like completly gets off topic just bc of his dogs
•Scrambled eggs•
The dad is one punch one man irl, he trained so much he lost he’s hair
KLanky Burd
KLanky Burd Před dnem
That old guy was obviously trying to flex in his trophy room lol
KLanky Burd
KLanky Burd Před dnem
Guys I don't know if you know but it's pink. Just wanted to make sure you guys know
Strawberry Hill Farm Caravan and Camping Park
I can’t believe that pewdiepieb has 109 million subscribers
NovaneRose Před dnem
how is it possible 240 hours??????? like a week is 7 days? so 24x7 be 168??? is my calc wrong or something? am i missing something here?
Ulla Britta Smitta Fitta
But mine are all red with black wavy patterns on it
Sour Zebra
Sour Zebra Před dnem
drop clan couldn't even spell tyre right
Mr Lemur
Mr Lemur Před dnem
What's up with Swedish CScamerars and collecting/drinking energy drinks as kids LMAO
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
Instead of saying "my dad can beat up your dad" he says "I can beat up ur dad"
i am hi
i am hi Před 13 hodinami
and mom and you and reality
Mochammad Rehan Aditya
Well i try a cup of coffee when i was in elementary school... So..¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Icy ;-;
Icy ;-; Před 2 dny
tlc person : they train 240 hours a week a week being 168 hours :
Icy ;-;
Icy ;-; Před hodinou
@i am hi thats deep
i am hi
i am hi Před 14 hodinami
they destroyed time and therefore the universe because they are buff, holy crap
Dénes Sós
Dénes Sós Před 2 dny
I was collecting energy drink cans too Oo Had one of each and loved my red bull collection 😃
Allan Lienau
Allan Lienau Před 2 dny
They didn’t know who i was until I started flipping tires
Super Luc Mario
Super Luc Mario Před 2 dny
The kids are *S K I N N Y*
Colton Karpes
Colton Karpes Před 2 dny
SG Vlogs
SG Vlogs Před 2 dny
my mon was right beside me and she said TE F***
11 Před 2 dny
Mr beast best
Landen Richter
Landen Richter Před 2 dny
Kenton the Knight
Kenton the Knight Před 2 dny
I think Jessica could beat me in an arm wrestle thing.
Collin Luffred
Collin Luffred Před 2 dny
i searched up drop clan and he is like 8
garrett ferguson
garrett ferguson Před 2 dny
1:33 Train their bodies up to 140 hours a week? There's not even that many hours in a week.
CluelessRobert Před 2 dny
My uncle has that pewdiepie g fuel cup
schenkelbot Před 2 dny
then: “they train there body’s up to 240 hours each week” me: now how does that work😐🤔
Jeulian Almonte
Jeulian Almonte Před 2 dny
i guess corpse is k-pop now🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Reeves Mahelis
Reeves Mahelis Před 2 dny
my man needs coffee lol [:
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla
Great video.😂😂☺️
JamesG 23
JamesG 23 Před 2 dny
Festus Gaming
Festus Gaming Před 2 dny
strong and pretty just like robert oberst....imagine nicks surprise when shes wearing strong and pretty merch
Brody Sappington
Brody Sappington Před 2 dny
Pewdiepie, do you know that Jesus Christ died for you?
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