I Speedrun Minecraft - Minecraft Hardcore #18 

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we're fast in minecraft now bros
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4. 03. 2021





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Komentáře 99   
Hah Im Fartdestroyer69XD
Pewds have you ever heard of....minecraft manhunt du du du dut
Cate C
Cate C Před 10 hodinami
Also make spawner farms
Cate C
Cate C Před 10 hodinami
Arent some villagers alchemists? Farm potions? And nether wart?
Jesus Da Lawd
Jesus Da Lawd Před 12 hodinami
Rip bonkey lets be hknest
K!ro Před 15 hodinami
Pewdiepie tattoo reveal
Taj Elyza Campos
Taj Elyza Campos Před dnem
Hey Felix, teach us how to make da automatic sorting thingy
Anej Milovanovič
Where is phhh
muhammed hero playz
Give a full toore
did you know if you put the beacons at bedrock you'll have the effect becase the effect will be like infinet upwards put not downwerds
Veekshith Ganapuram
12:48 But am stronger.....😂😂 I started laughing at.... 12:52 till 12:57
Ballocks Mate
Ballocks Mate Před 3 dny
17:16 Look in the portal when he opens the door
Aksel Playz
Aksel Playz Před 3 dny
Better than dream
Levi Andrea Ciccone
lets all put likes to ALL PEWDIEPIE VIDEOS so he can be more famous
FoneyHunny Před 3 dny
It’s best to dig a two by one block area going straight down when you reach the destination of the stronghold because of you do a staircase you’re going away from where it led you.
ALPHA Před 5 dny
ALPHA Před 5 dny
14:49 This is what we called the luckiest Epic Gamer.
Eezo The Chezo
Eezo The Chezo Před 6 dny
And he didn’t link the melon farm *sad pikachu noises*
help mi raeh 60k subsrcibe plaese and thank
Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment🏆
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez Před 7 dny
Awesome episode! 👌🏼
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez Před 7 dny
That filter came out of nowhere! 😅
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez Před 7 dny
It really DOES look like the Fire Nation! 😅 That's pretty cool.
Grand Master Mario
Grand Master Mario Před 8 dny
Time starts NOW weight what GO!
Grand Master Mario
Grand Master Mario Před 8 dny
Grand Master Mario
Grand Master Mario Před 8 dny
Done sorry no runs for that can't no subsfkkghjgg
Kimwel Angeles
Kimwel Angeles Před 8 dny
Anyone else noticed that his portal didn’t have any eyes? Isn’t that pretty rare
TheAdvertisement Před 8 dny
3:46 Love how the cat starts purring once Pewds tells it it'll be put in water soon.
TheAdvertisement Před 8 dny
1:25 Did Pewds just make an Office reference?
burak adak
burak adak Před 8 dny
12:24 = 31
Rockmaru ._.
Rockmaru ._. Před 9 dny
when was the last time you didn't have shades on
Abrar Kabir
Abrar Kabir Před 9 dny
I don't know if it is true or not, but I used to think eye of ender stacks up to 16, now I see him having a stack of 36 eyes!!! Can anyone tell me why did this happen???
Berkan Vind Grymta
Berkan Vind Grymta Před 9 dny
The base is looking so fucking cool! But looks at those biceps tho. Gotta get those gains!!
LordFishCake666 Před 9 dny
Pewds should attack the ender dragon when there's a comet
Ed Před 10 dny
Mfs house looks like that in hardcore I couldn't even make that in creative
ItzNun Před 11 dny
Stamsite has a chunk loader under his Minecraft server, its loads up his whole city ask him
muhammad huzaifa faisal
felix plz ik that shaders look awsome in gameplay but ure game kinda lags so plz can u turn of shaders
larséN' Před 11 dny
Minecraft house tutorial
Athena Lings
Athena Lings Před 12 dny
Braiedon Emmanuel
Braiedon Emmanuel Před 12 dny
Also Pewds, ik you won't care but making a minecart system to the end portal an actually be really helpful :)
Jango Fett
Jango Fett Před 13 dny
daaamn the castle looks soo damn good! Can you give us the map to download? Id really wanna explore it!
니들연구소 Před 13 dny
형 나는 2년동안 미친듯이 노력했는데 구독자 10만도 못들었어.. 나도 골드버튼 받고싶어 ㅠ ㅠ
Xinø Před 13 dny
His Minecraft house reminds me of some kind of bowser castle I don't know why
VIDIT Patil Před 14 dny
Your stream is a bit laggy
janek wierzba
janek wierzba Před 14 dny
like i am playing mc for like 6 yrs and i never did so many work how Flelix did lol
Kirschi_ Před 14 dny
If you like automation, why don't you try out Factorio?
Joshmine Rabilas
Joshmine Rabilas Před 14 dny
no, coz i found a stronghold under my base while mining 😭 but i’m not strong enough to go through yet
Sam_hammershark Před 15 dny
The funny internet coincidentally fax because cook experimentally frame as a tart november. beneficial, little minibus
Funfact: You can make an automatic wolf farm
Fluid_Soup Před 15 dny
All that netherite is SUS
ANØNYMØU5 Před 15 dny
pewdiepie one day will beat the endear dragon again but automatically
Josh's shorts
Josh's shorts Před 15 dny
pewdiepie: I'll link him in the disc me: ye ill check him out pewds: links his own channel me: youve let me down uve let urself down and quite frankly uve let us all down
womp womp
womp womp Před 15 dny
the eyes at 5:32
Ali Anthony
Ali Anthony Před 17 dny
Muralimohan Patnaik
Muralimohan Patnaik Před 17 dny
And there are new mobs in 1,17
Bridget Catherine Paguio
Make a ender man one hit xp farm
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Před 17 dny
Does anyone know his seed?
F4TİH I3LIGR4 Před 17 dny
Dream : thh
Dragon Gaming
Dragon Gaming Před 18 dny
You can make a gold farm from piglins some CScamerars have good videos on it.
Epic Před 18 dny
Mr.Butter Před 18 dny
Thanks pewds for always helping me cope with daily stress with you minecraft gameplays,I really really appreciate your efforts and I will love it if you post more of your mc gameplays,Thank a loooooooooooooo t ov
Whatto Před 18 dny
pewds remember tobuscus?
RedVelvet Grim
RedVelvet Grim Před 18 dny
Goddamn, that base is so beautiful Pewds🖤
겜튜브 Před 18 dny
I enjoyed your video today.Please continue to upload more fun videos!Fighting!
sign of the crimes
sign of the crimes Před 18 dny
"well i guess i'll never be a speedrunner..what the fuck is this shit" PLS I GIGGLED
Not_Jayson101 Balancio
i like how he does not know that cats dont take fall damage
Naji Alrowaishan
Naji Alrowaishan Před 19 dny
If you have a children Can you be amazing or you will stop
sadra&taha azimkhani&khadir
عشقی داداش
Tony Hunter 27
Tony Hunter 27 Před 20 dny
17:33 xDD
Prathap Raina
Prathap Raina Před 20 dny
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The Destructive Gamer
stop begging
FunkyNormal Cat
FunkyNormal Cat Před 20 dny
It's just me or when pewds burped, the minecraft character just started to throw smelly particles? 17:33
Nevaeh Franklin
Nevaeh Franklin Před 21 dnem
maximino camacho
maximino camacho Před 20 dny
Nevaeh Franklin
Nevaeh Franklin Před 21 dnem
Don't take bonky he dragon and him will fall in love
maximino camacho
maximino camacho Před 20 dny
well if he does he get a cool story huh
I don’t even know
I don’t even know Před 22 dny
maximino camacho
maximino camacho Před 20 dny
I don’t even know
I don’t even know Před 22 dny
maximino camacho
maximino camacho Před 20 dny
I don’t even know
I don’t even know Před 22 dny
maximino camacho
maximino camacho Před 20 dny
I don’t even know
I don’t even know Před 22 dny
maximino camacho
maximino camacho Před 20 dny
I don’t even know
I don’t even know Před 22 dny
maximino camacho
maximino camacho Před 20 dny
Alicia Aapajärvi
Alicia Aapajärvi Před 22 dny
It would be cool if he did speedrun Minecraft with dream
The Destructive Gamer
a cheater doesn't deserve to play with pewds
maximino camacho
maximino camacho Před 20 dny
well what about sky does minecraft
Rie Elle
Rie Elle Před 22 dny
Pewds: brain so small got a six pack(abs)
Brandon Před 22 dny
"Smash like if you're excited for the *finale* " Me: Say sike right now
Just_chill56 Před 22 dny
don’t know if anyone has said it and i don’t know if press will see it but the ends of your smelter don’t work because the redstone block and lever powering the rails is locking the two hoppers that go into the ends
Ja Crispy
Ja Crispy Před 22 dny
Depths of the earth
Sencho Před 23 dny
Pewds vtuber feels like it's taunting us.
Aubrie Ortega
Aubrie Ortega Před 23 dny
Rick who if yk yk
christiana vegors
christiana vegors Před 23 dny
thank you sive for the lotr background music!!!!!!!:)))
CheatCharon inc
CheatCharon inc Před 23 dny
4:43 it was actually his massive balls getting hurt
ella 3cat1dog
ella 3cat1dog Před 23 dny
when Felix makes cooler builds in hardcore than you do in creative.
Weirdo17 Před 23 dny
Shovel => Xovel XD
Digvijay Rane
Digvijay Rane Před 24 dny
Good clickbait title
HEX_PH Před 24 dny
Pwed's mother flipin minecraft is lagging!!!!!!
HEX_PH Před 24 dny
Pweds is lagging
Trey Rose
Trey Rose Před 24 dny
“Lemme pee and think about it” best line ever said
Amabel Alfayuni
Amabel Alfayuni Před 24 dny
destinitra Před 24 dny
This system is way too big brain for me. I barely understand how to build hidden doors. xD
Carissa J
Carissa J Před 24 dny
Felix is the definition of “so I did some off camera building and...”
Hafdiyanti Yanti
Hafdiyanti Yanti Před 24 dny
Wow, you didn't die, I saw PewDiePie on my goggle
Dominick Merida
Dominick Merida Před 24 dny
When is the next episode going to be uploaded?
CSfrekin GO
CSfrekin GO Před 25 dny
so guess what, yutube severs for my regiob was down for maintanance for a bit and i couldent watch vids, thought i got a virus, turned out to be fine
kole rah
kole rah Před 25 dny
i just noticed the enderman at 5:30 geez it's creepier than the creeper
Many Name
Many Name Před 25 dny
Is the video cropped weird?
Stefan Grubor
Stefan Grubor Před 25 dny
Pewdiepie: #18 in series. Also pewdiepie: speedrun 27 minutes. Videos: are not 1:30 minutes long. Illuminate confermed
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