Ender Dragon Hardcode.. I almost died... - Minecraft Hardcore #19 

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11. 03. 2021





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Komentáře 99   
K!ro Před 13 hodinami
Lol Felix doesn’t know that the Dragon is a female
Same guy
Same guy Před 23 hodinami
You Can summon the dragon as manny times as you Want to i did his 5 times my self
Potato_ Amira
Potato_ Amira Před dnem
Does PewDiePie know that the dragon is a girl and not a boy but maybe not on beta or what kind of minecraft he has
Julius Čerňák
Julius Čerňák Před dnem
This reminds me of peepeepoopoo
팽돌이 Před dnem
TheAdvertisement Před dnem
1:37 "It's ok to just be a nuisance to everyone in the universe, it's not your fault." Thanks Felix I really needed that. :')
caesar falkenberg
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Cool update to the arrows! 👌🏼
Hezekiah Rodriguez
15:24 - I thought it said "Paranoid Gaming" underneath Advancement Made. 🤣
Hezekiah Rodriguez
15:24 - Wow!! You were lucky enough to be on the edge. I'm glad the platform was big enough on the other side. It reminds of how A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds work.
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Woah... when he had three hearts left! 😬 That was close!
Hezekiah Rodriguez
That foggy entrance sure looked nice.
JadeLoves Před dnem
I need to see more of this series. I binged it in two days 😩
king of Death
king of Death Před 2 dny
Fuck I love you so much
Veekshith Ganapuram
I like the way he went up, removed the bars and the get down and shot it😂😂😂
Abdullah the Moose
Abdullah the Moose Před 3 dny
pewds still hasn't ressuructed the dragon yet
alex_ano_ Před 3 dny
wait what I just started watching this today how am I on 19 already
Nicholas Dunzelman
Nicholas Dunzelman Před 3 dny
Wendel Colin
Wendel Colin Před 4 dny
do you play roblox
The Lego Stop Motion Noob
You know if you shoot up at the cages from the corner you dont have to climb or remove the cage
Ivan Ponce
Ivan Ponce Před 4 dny
This is the guy who couldnt make a cobblestone generator
Samuel Huggins
Samuel Huggins Před 4 dny
felix going up just to break the cage pissed me off so much idk why
1:17 I can’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Quentin Quentin
Quentin Quentin Před 4 dny
What resource pack are you using?
fantastic men
fantastic men Před 5 dny
You are pewdi ji bro
Big PJ
Big PJ Před 6 dny
Water cat is grey. Water sheep is grey. Water cat lies on the water. Water sheep lies on the water. Felix hates water sheep. Felix hates water cat too. WATER SHEEP REINCARNATION CONFIRMED
google dancelate
google dancelate Před 6 dny
Now where in the end and where searching a end city
ethereal kakashi
ethereal kakashi Před 7 dny
i'm actually kinda sad he didn't bring a bed with him lmao
The Gaming Lord
The Gaming Lord Před 7 dny
Cocomelon will prevail
Waffle Road와플로드
a video of spam cooking on a waffle machine
Johnell Johnson
Johnell Johnson Před 7 dny
Can you beat it on mobile
Phenomenal Před 7 dny
😇😇Need opinions about my videos😇 💯💯will appreciate it a lot 💯💯
White Sandals
White Sandals Před 7 dny
This series was not as good as the old one. Pewds basically met no friends along the way. And even when he did he didn’t give two shits about them. There were so many memorable moments in the original such as svens rescue, the peepeepoopoo army, many of the deaths svens wedding and of course the ender dragon and wither fights. In this series it’s just Felix doing basic Minecraft shit. This did happened in the og series but it was also mixed with interactions with animals and the many journeys to a lot of the monuments and structures. Here he just stays at his house and goes to the nether (and yes I know he did go to the woodland mansion and snow biome which weren’t bad episodes.) But overall these videos have less charm then the survival series.The peak of this series was probably to the og bffts death as Felix starting a new world was interesting and trying to keep Bfft in his house was pretty funny.
DragonX Před 7 dny
DragonX Před 7 dny
4:48 huh?
muhammmad adeel
muhammmad adeel Před 7 dny
game name please any one ?
Subho_ deep
Subho_ deep Před 7 dny
13:10 he flippin ignored the dragon egg
Nellax Před 8 dny
make a 2nd bow for the arrows with infinity you got book sellers so if it breaks it not a big deal
MonoNomo 12
MonoNomo 12 Před 9 dny
wait did pews make that Temple all in survival mode?
Dah Bruh
Dah Bruh Před 9 dny
pewds : ALRIGHT ALRUGHT I though I hot this in the bag but...*thinking while holding 40something positions*
Dah Bruh
Dah Bruh Před 9 dny
[Username Deleted]
[Username Deleted] Před 9 dny
[Comment Deleted]
сырочек Před 10 dny
Я один русский?🤣😂
Crucial Gaming
Crucial Gaming Před 10 dny
Sleeping is optional in Pewdiepie’s world
Lovisa Lundström
Lovisa Lundström Před 10 dny
Is pewds channel a minecraft channel now?
Taylor Morgan
Taylor Morgan Před 11 dny
Pewds knowing who philza was just made my day
Yaya Lu
Yaya Lu Před 11 dny
The arrows were cool but you could have gotten more if your inventory wasn’t so full in the fight lol. You were filling bottles but there wasn’t space for them.
GraceGrapes Před 11 dny
he needs to build a freaking temple of that dirt block that just saved his life
Celso Cali
Celso Cali Před 11 dny
What is the texture pack?
Omega Před 12 dny
Dream did it with half iron armor
u have diabetes
u have diabetes Před 12 dny
Hes just to rich
Venom ALFA
Venom ALFA Před 12 dny
10:40 thats the thing about life too
Ghost TannerPlayz
Ghost TannerPlayz Před 12 dny
Toy clay
Toy clay Před 12 dny
Complete the map of minecraft "Poison,,
Yuri Bella Medilo
Yuri Bella Medilo Před 13 dny
Can ppl stop calling the dragon him or he cuz shes a girl she lays egg so u can revive her again (i meant the baby) and the baby is a girl and it lays another egg
Callahan Schultz
Callahan Schultz Před 13 dny
how the hell does he have 3 stacks of blaze rods
EON TALKS Před 13 dny
Afo Před 13 dny
Technoblade never dieeeees!
g_ooses2 Před 14 dny
hi pewds
Ashton Nguyen
Ashton Nguyen Před 14 dny
i still remember when peepeepoopoo pushed felix into the end lmfao
Joshmine Rabilas
Joshmine Rabilas Před 14 dny
you can clip on youtube 😀 i didn’t know that
Lisa Atkinson
Lisa Atkinson Před 15 dny
Does anyone remember bffffffff?
Bupe Sichimba
Bupe Sichimba Před 15 dny
You can attract the ender dragon to yourself if you attack where the egg spawn
dot Před 15 dny
Is it just me or the title says Hardcode
geo 000
geo 000 Před 15 dny
I think it would be amazing you to upload this world on reddit or somewhere else, so everyone can play it, can you please do it🙏🏾
Dika Ahda Setiawan
Dika Ahda Setiawan Před 15 dny
You can use water to swim trough that lil portal, Pew.
Doff Před 15 dny
Pewdiepie: *Drops minecraft video* Everyone: *My disappointment is gone and my day has been made*
Prince Soria
Prince Soria Před 15 dny
Willson Před 16 dny
VISHAL 1105 Před 16 dny
When I watched this video I realised how big his forehead is
Shadow Night
Shadow Night Před 16 dny
guys we need to dig our self up
Mr.Butter Před 16 dny
Hello Felix i really live your series and I almost shred tears when you said you wanna continue the series, BUT REAL MEN DONT CRY, AWOO!
Noel Antony
Noel Antony Před 16 dny
You are noob
AlexSpeedex Před 16 dny
Do you remember Bfftt
Lucifer Koz
Lucifer Koz Před 16 dny
It would be amazing if Felix gave his world download someday in the future
Jeremiah Alexis Lino
Im noob in minecraft, now i understand how to play it
çınar Türkyılmaz
Abi çok pro sun
Csani ツ
Csani ツ Před 16 dny
Good morning gæmers
MKXD123 Před 16 dny
ok mr creative
Ali Anthony
Ali Anthony Před 17 dny
Like and reply this comment
Ali Anthony
Ali Anthony Před 17 dny
Ayman Mundir
Ayman Mundir Před 17 dny
Joshua Spencer
Joshua Spencer Před 17 dny
4:59 😂😂
Maik._. Před 17 dny
hi, does anyone know how to view minecraft legacy files? (textures, UI, sounds, ...)
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Před 17 dny
Does anyone know what his seed is?
Leo Axel
Leo Axel Před 17 dny
Your arrows do half health to a player with full netherite proteccion 4
inVINCEcible Před 17 dny
Karan Bhoi
Karan Bhoi Před 17 dny
PewDiePie is in side of the Illuminati!!!!!!!!
Epic Před 18 dny
pok hong pong
pok hong pong Před 18 dny
Where is jeorgan
겜튜브 Před 18 dny
I enjoyed your video today.Please continue to upload more fun videos!Fighting!
Stephen Perry
Stephen Perry Před 18 dny
What shader is That I WANT IS :)
Geordie Bennett
Geordie Bennett Před 18 dny
You should go against water cat and hang him over laver. He will betry you felix be careful !!
Ajjaja Anjajaha
Ajjaja Anjajaha Před 18 dny
Cause I don’t know what this feels like flowers because I’m typing like me at all he
Ajjaja Anjajaha
Ajjaja Anjajaha Před 18 dny
OK now you’re missing out the comment you just wanna play right now OK OK you’re not sure I want to try
Ajjaja Anjajaha
Ajjaja Anjajaha Před 18 dny
Ajjaja Anjajaha
Ajjaja Anjajaha Před 18 dny
You say the same thing all the novel that the hottest way to type that you speak of in
Ajjaja Anjajaha
Ajjaja Anjajaha Před 18 dny
Gosh type type
Ajjaja Anjajaha
Ajjaja Anjajaha Před 18 dny
Now you type in her
Ajjaja Anjajaha
Ajjaja Anjajaha Před 18 dny
You couldn’t just done the OP want to clutch
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